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Executive Coaching

In many ways, executive coaching is strategic planning for an individual. We first reach a shared understanding of high level objectives of the coaching process including measures of success, and then build a comprehensive, shared fact base. From these agreed upon facts, we create a plan together with our clients, and are then disciplined about ensuring sustained plan implementation to bridge the typical gap between strategy and execution. Our process also always includes coaching to achieve success ‘in real time.’

Executive Coaching Process

We always stay flexible and adapt each engagement based on a proposal and coaching plan developed during the initial stages of the process. Our areas of focus and expertise include:

  • Executive Onboarding – New Role Effectiveness
  • Executive Coaching for Succession
  • Executive Coaching for Development

Mouse-over the stages for details of a typical process:

  Agree on Scope   Build Fact Base   Create Action Plan   Implement Action Plan   Measure Results  
Agree on Scope

We adapt our experience, frameworks, and process to each unique situation, developing objectives with the organization and building a custom coaching plan with the executive. We excel in these situations: Succession Coaching, Developmental Coaching and Performance Coaching. We also specialize in larger scale, custom developmental planning engagements.
Build Fact Base

Together with the executive, we build a shared fact base leveraging a wide variety of tools – discussions, interviews, assessments, models, observation, and 360/stakeholder feedback. A clear and accurate understanding of current reality is critical to any planning process, including a successful coaching process.
Create Action Plan

As a team, the coach and executive brainstorm ideas, with the objective of finding just a few key areas of focus that will build shared success. We draft the plan with the executive, review it with the sponsor/manager to obtain input, and then finalize it.
Implement Action Plan

We support the executive in implementing the action plan including making adjustments, providing real time business coaching, and checking in with the organization sponsor.
Measure Results

We work hard to ensure ROI through close-out meetings to discuss results, follow on 360’s to measure progress, a formal one year follow up meeting to check in, and estimated ROI calculations.

We bring specific experiences and approaches that differentiate us from other executive coaches:

  • Deep Experience. Since 1997 we have coached over 500 executives on the full range of executive success issues.
  • Specialization at the Top. We have coached 63 CEOs, 70 Presidents and GMs, and 185 other senior officers.
  • Research and Best Practices. We are active in leveraging innovation to meet the changing marketplace needs, including conducting original surveys.
  • Leadership Assessment. We have proprietary frameworks and leverage a variety of tools to develop a complete picture for each of our clients.
  • Expert Partnering. As needed we integrate outside subject matter experts to support the lead coach in implementing action plans for our clients. We are an independent advisory and coaching firm, but are affiliated with a global network of experts.
  • Core Issue Identification. With experience comes the ability to understand and identify with confidence the core issue in each engagement.
  • One Solution, Multiple Outcomes. Our approach to development action planning focuses on efficiency, finding one or just a few action items that will achieve multiple outcomes for the executive and the organization.

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