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Executive Career Strategy Coaching

Career Strategy Coaching enhances executive alignment, engagement and succession through specialized advice and coaching programs to address retention, role fit, culture fit, internal mobility, early retirement, and leader transition needs.

Executive Career Strategy Coaching is able to build shared success in these situations:

  • A key executive is unhappy in her current role, but is a strong overall contributor to the organization and who’s loss would be damaging to the future success of the business.
  • A seasoned executive is contemplating retirement, and the organization has had a succession plan in place for some time, but is worried the successor will not wait any longer, and is worried about pushing the respected incumbent out of the organization.
  • A key executive who was once a very strong performer is dissatisfied with overall career progression which is impacting current performance, although the organization (and maybe also the executive) does not fully realize or know the reason for the recent performance decline.
  • An executive who has had an executive coach to work on a development plan is not sustaining behavior change because the core issue – fit with the role - has been missed in the coaching process.

Executive Career Strategy Coaching Process

We leverage our deep and varied experiences, proprietary frameworks, and sensitivity to corporate culture in designing an appropriate coaching solution to deliver results in each unique situation.
But ultimately it is our focus on shared success that makes this type of coaching effective in building sustained value for both organizations and executives.

Mouse-over the stages for details of an example engagement:

  Agree on Scope   Build Fact Base   Create Action Plan   Implement Action Plan   Measure Results  
Agree on Scope

Each career strategy coaching engagement is unique, requiring an investment of time up front to understand overall needs and objectives, build a custom proposal, and design a services plan with the executive. Often this type of coaching is part of an overall organization succession planning process or a change initiative such as merger, acquisition, spin off, or business sale. The goal is always to find creative ways to build shared success between the executive and the organization.
Build Fact Base

We work closely with each executive to understand goals and a definition of shared success, conduct career and other assessments, explore options, and brainstorm ideas and strategy alternatives as input into an action plan. Our goal is to build a shared view of reality among the organization and executive, as well as the coac
Create Action Plan

The action plan’s focus depends on the situation. A Plan usually includes ideas to increase career satisfaction, internal mobility options, and learning options. In some situations, it may also include exploration of outside opportunities such as board memberships, early retirement, career ‘portfolioing’, or positions with other organizations. Decision coaching is usually an important part of each engagement.
Implement Action Plan

We support the executive in implementing the action plan including making adjustments, providing real time coaching, and checking in with the organization sponsor when appropriate.
Measure Results

We work hard to ensure an ROI through close out meetings to discuss results, a formal one year follow on meeting to check in on progress, and estimated ROI calculations.

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